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上班: to go to work; to report for duty; to be at work; to be on duty; to be on the job 下班: to get off duty; to come off work; to go off duty; to be released from duty 注意:如果你强调在班上,或者不在上班的状态可以用 be on/of...

I am off work 我下班了

上班 go to work; start work; be on duty: 上午八点钟上班 start workat eight in the morning 他上班去了。 He's goneto work. 不上班的时候我可以做自己的事了。 When offduty I can do my private work. 下班 come or go off work; be off d...

Did you get off work? Are you return from work? Are you off duty?

I am taking off. 或是 I am leaving.

地道美式英语: off work example: sb is off work 他刚刚下班: He just got off work. 你什么时候下班: When are you getting off work? 你下班后做什么: What are you gonna do (going to do) after you get off work? 他下班了吗: Is he ...

翻译是:We'll be off work in a minute. 解释: off work 英[ɔf wə:k] 美[ɔf wɚk] [词典] 下班,没有上班[工]; [例句]Since Mr Bennett was going to need some time off work, he asked for a sick note 因为贝内特先生要...

10点上班,7点下班 10 to work, work at 7 重点词汇释义 上班go to work; start work; be on duty; on duty 下班come or go off work; be off duty; knock off; off duty; ring out

Are you off now? Have you been off? off后面加个duty也可以,但是不加是绝对没有问题而且最自然的。

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