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goodbye my lover u r beautiful wisemen so long jimmy carry u home

成名曲You are beautiful 还有Tears and Rain Stay the night 1973 Goodbye my lover 等等等等,都好听。。

You are beautiful--James Blunt Goodbye my lover--James Blunt One of the brightest stars--James Blunt No bravery--James Blunt 1973--James Blunt Wisemen--James Blunt Tears and rain--James Blunt

you are beautiful 1973 goodbye my lover no bravery one of the brightest stars cry here we go again wiseman out of my mind 他是我的最爱。

《You are beautiful》就不用说了.. 另外我比较喜欢的就是《1973》和《Stay the night》

James blunt的资料我看楼上介绍得很详细了,我就说说我喜欢James的几首歌吧!you're beautiful、1973、goodbye my lover、tears and rain、one of the brightest stars、carry you home、annie、wisemen、no bravery 希望喜欢啦!

我好想也听过,好像是学校放过的。...歌词在下面 歌手 James Blunt 专辑 Some Kind of Trouble Love is madness that's quick to burn And lying in the embers is where we are And if my promise is unreturned Before the day is over I will...

Goodbye My Lover did i disappoint you or let you down? should i be feeling guilty or let the judges frown? 'cause i saw the end before we'd begun yes i saw you were blinded and i knew i had won so i took what's mine by eternal ...

都听的是男的乡村抒情么James上尉我也非常喜欢 那Damien Rice的

James Blunt 美丽的晨光 为我照亮了海岸 什么事都不想做 我只想和你一起醒来 眺望魅力晨光 美丽的晨光 我又追逐着时间的脚步 心里想着 我可能会在漫漫长夜里 孤独一生 但是 现在的我 心情超好 在满天星斗之间疯狂的跑着 有些时候 我实在不相信 ...

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